Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I subscribe with Buzz Assurance ?

Subscription goes through 3 steps: 

  1. Fill an online form so that we can seek for the best offers,
  2. Receive your quotations, ask questions, get answers,
  3. Request subscription so that we can issue your insurance policy.

That simple !

Q. Is it more expensive as you are an insurance broker ?

Not at all. You will get the same prices than with an agent. The main difference is that we give you access to the whole insurance french market, without any fees as we are paid by the insurance companies.

Q. Can you help me to import my car and get french plate number ?

Yes, we can explain the importation process but you will need to proceed locally with the French Finance administration. We can recommend you some local partner that specializes in this sector.

Q. What happen if I become a Buzz Assurance insured during the year ?

You will immediately benefit from our assistance during your stay in France.

Q. How does the Buzz Assurance services works ?

Once you have paid your yearly subscription, you will receive by mail a card and a client number. Keep the Buzz Assurance card in your wallet and just call us when you need support. Our telephone advisor are available 5 days a week and 8 hours a day and will reply in english.

Just before your subscription, pending receipt of your plastic card by regular mail, you can use our services from the very first hour just by indicating your client number to our advisors...


Q. Can you help me to fill the european accident statement ?

We can help if you are a Buzz Assurance customer. Just give us a call, and we can help you to fill this document with the other driver.