Just give a call

If you do have a question or need support in France. Service is just a phone call away. Use our mobile version and keep your assistance card with you !

What could be easier for fast and simple problem solving than a phone call or using our mobile site version ? Whenever you need assistance, our Customer Support team is here to help.

We observed that newcomers have sometime great trouble to make themselves understood because of the language barrier. 

With this new service, Passeportugal offers its customers time gains in their everyday lives. 

Main covered areas:
Some examples of friendly support
 Something to ask ? We call/order for you YES YES
 Oral translations /  Help for daily conversations YES YES 
Administrative support
daily life   
 Help to understand incoming mails and documents  YES  YES
 Information for obtaining the Fiscal Number  YES YES 
 Explanations on RNH YES  YES 
 Help for your home: water, electricity, internet subscribtion... YES   YES
 Informations on bank, and multibanco funcioning YES  YES 
 Explanations on Via Verde" highways YES  YES 
 Explanations on portuguese driving licence YES  YES 
 Explanations on how to change your plate numbers YES  YES 
 How to register on election list / school / associations YES   YES
 Help for filling the European accident notification YES  Excluded
 Help for filling car sales documentation   YES  YES
 Help for expertise follow-up  YES  YES
 Explanation for the portuguese health system  YES  YES
 Explanation and taking steps to register Centro de Saude  YES  YES
 Explanation for the technical car control in PT  YES  YES
 Warnings and recommendations regarding mandatory insurance  YES  YES
 Leisure & CULTURE
 Local business repository  YES  YES
 Warnings for cultural events or other special events  YES  YES
 Special offers "Passeportugal"  YES  YES
VIP SERVICES Personal assistant Conciergerie (Price upon request)
 Arranging your travel in Portugal  Upon request  Upon request
 Documents search / market study / property visits & analysis   Upon request  Upon request
 Other services outside the standard package Upon request  Upon request
Real Estate conciergerie in France (Louvre Gestion Privée) Upon request Upon request
Assistance from Monday-Friday 09h00-18h00 CET

€300 per year*

€500 per year

* Buzz Assurance is an online insurance broker based in France. You can benefit from a 40% discount on the annual fee in case you subscribe or already own an insurance with Buzz Assurance (car, home, health, boat... and many other insurance plan). Futhermore, Buzz Assurance can help you on several additional subjects in case you are a Buzz Assurance insured.