Couverture d'emprunt étudiant INSEAD

Buzzgroup INSEAD

INSEAD July 2009

The INSEAD Buzzgroup is dedicated to MBA students in Fontainebleau, Wharton or Singapore. We provide you with customized offers that also covers Wharton (Singapore). Join the INSEAD buzzgroup during your studies. It's free !

Buzzgroup INSEAD, regroupe les étudiants MBA de l'INSEAD de Fontainebleau. Contrat spécifique couvrant aussi Wharton (Singapour). Rejoignez le buzzgroup Insead durant vos études. C'est gratuit !

Contrat loan cover

Borrower's insurance for loan of € 16.000 to € 310.000. Complete and flexible, personnalised rates for students. IMMEDIATE COVER
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